Monday, April 8, 2013

The Economy, The Recession, Unemployment and You. How to Bust Out and Get Ahead of the Game.

   You’ve seen those articles on Yahoo and MSN that tell you what job fields are growing and what jobs are disappearing in the present economy. Here’s a quick example: The fastest growing jobs: Software Developer, Market Research analyst, Medical assistant, Personal Finance advisor and Pharmacy technician.

   Question: How many of you are trained to fill those positions? Are you unemployed and thinking about going back to school to get specialized training? Is it possible those positions will already be glutted with applicants by the time you’re ready and have run up about 50-70 grand in student loans?

   Here’s a list of job that are being phased out or outsourced: File clerk, journalist, air traffic controller, farmers, ranchers, customer service, receptionists, bookkeepers, and tax preparers. There are considerably more but I believe it’s more likely you have a job that’s being phased out than one that’s growing.

   Here’s something else you may not know. It takes approximately 200 thousand new good jobs a month to maintain the status quo, 300 thousand good new jobs a month to start making a dent on unemployment and the national debt. Here’s what’s not being reported. The NEW jobs that are being created are not good jobs, they are minimum wage jobs, and are mostly PART-TIME. Even at full time (40 hours a week) the yearly salary is STILL BELOW THE POVERTY LEVEL.

   Did you know this? Those whose unemployment insurance has run out are no longer being counted in the job growth figures!

   Bottom line. The Middle class was nearly destroyed by 2008’s Great Recession. Unemployment rates from then till now still staggeringly high! But don’t worry, the analysts says, the economy is picking up and things will be back to normal soon!

   Do you know what has come back? Advertisements from banks and financial advisors asking you to LET THEM HANDLE YOUR MONEY because they know how to invest.

   REALLY!?? Remember Jim Cramer? That wall street wizard whose daily show advised people what stocks to invest in and which one to dump. Have we already forgotten HOW WRONG he was and how much money his ‘financial advice’ cost investors?

   But they know how it works. They know that even though they had to take a government bail-out of our money to keep from going under, their spin doctors have shown them that if they barrage you with ads that show them making their clients money again and again and again, you’ll overlook the FACT THAT THEY DON”T KNOW ANYMORE NOW THAN THEY DID THEN and you’ll foolishly turn your money over.

   The reason why we do this however is understandable. We don’t have the training and experience to understand the quirks of the stock market and it is true that the stock market does provide the best results regarding return on investment (ROI)  

   But you can LEARN. And you should because its your hard earned money and your future you’re preparing for.

   But the sad point is because of the 2008 recession very few of us have the money to invest. Most of us are working several part time jobs and are barely making ends meet.

   The time has come for us to REMEMBER WHAT WE HAVE FORGOTTEN.
125 years ago, most our ancestors lived on farms, raised their own crops and made a living without multinational corporations. The concept was simple enough. Grow corps, build something, or sell something for someone, then live off the money your work has produced. We survived for thousands of years using that simple system and the time has come for us to stop going to corporations with a ‘Please sir, can I have some more?’ attitude and set off on our own.

   You need to start your own business.

   Am I serious? Friends, I am damn serious!  Because I know for a fact, that for most of you, starting your own business is likely to be your only option. You only need look at the numbers to see what I’m saying is true. Corporations are outsourcing jobs to the equally talented, but considerably less expensive, Asian Indians, Chinese and southeast Asian countries like Vietnam and Thailand. So unless you have specialty training that cannot be outsourced, your position will go to the cheapest bidder.

   Just imagine how you will feel if that happens just as your children are starting college and you are starting your look your age. But you have decades of experience! Yes, but at middle age insurance costs increase, as does the likelihood that you will have a heart attack, contract cancer or be emotionally waylaid by divorce.

   “But what do I know about starting a business?” you ask. “I have no clue how to go about it.”

   Neither did I when I started out. Faced with little choice I just did it and you can too. As an example, I’d like you to view three short (under a minute) videos I had made for my company Ari Publishing.

Full version Advert with woman spokesperson

   Pretty good, right? The thing is I had each one made for less than it costs for a six-pack of beer!

   No kidding. Want to know how I did it and how you can find very valuable products and services that can help you start your business? Then click this link to go to my Ari Publishing business website and I’ll tell you the wheres, whos, and hows.