Monday, April 1, 2013

The Economy of the US, Have you been Left Behind?

   Let me say upfront that I am not a conspiracy theorist, a political radical, or as we said in the old days, ‘A pinko, commie, bomb thrower’. But lately, the first line from the Rolling Stones song ‘Gimme Shelter’ has been rattling around in my head,‘Oh, the storm is threatenin,’ my very life today.’ And I’ve been wondering why.

   And I think I have figured it out.
   I believe the government is slowly preparing us for a possible second financial meltdown. Why? Because things aren’t adding up. We’ve recently had the biggest day on Wall Street in history yet the job market is abysmal, credit card debt is through the roof and the generation that sparked the financial prosperity of the 1990s, the baby boomers, have become extremely conservative regarding their spending.

   So regardless of what they tell you, or assure you, or try to convince you, the jobs lost in the ‘Great Recession of 2008 are not coming back.


   Take a look at your job. Is the company your work for experiencing growth? Has it begun hiring? Have you been promoted or received a substantial raise since the economic meltdown?

   If you are you’re one of the very few. I look at my daughter’s generation. Most of them are working 2 and sometimes 3 part time jobs for minimum wage with no benefits or insurance. It obvious the taxes paid for those jobs won’t pay down the debt and so the interest keeps accruing.

   We don’t need exceptional math skills or proficiency in economics to see that the piper is coming and one way or another, he will get paid!

   So should the economy collapse into a full blown depression ala 1929 the people are going to demand answers, are going to demand that those in government (or who were in government) be held accountable. That they be arrested, tried and jailed.

   The problem with that scenario is that the federal government can’t allow that.

   Why? Because the people responsible for the 2008 economic meltdown are the same people who are financing the reelections of those presently in office or who are presently lobbying the people in office.

   So since they can’t permit the arrest, trial and imprisonment of the criminals who destroyed our economy, they have to protect them from the citizens who will be demanding justice.

   How do they do that? They begin heavily arming the Department of Homeland Security and begin training them for urban warfare so should the American people rise up and storm Washington, they will use Homeland Security as an armed defense force ready to shoot to kill anyone or any group that tries to have those responsible tried and held accountable for their actions.

   “Wait a second,” you say. “The American government would never sanction such action.   

   Normally I would agree with you except they have already done it. Here’s the link:

   Here’a question. Just how prepared are you should this hopefully unlikely yet still possible scenario occur? Do you have an income stream not associated with your current job? Should your job suddenly disappear and with no money to fund unemployment insurance payouts do you know how to start a business? How to run one? How to find and attract customers willing to buy what you have to sell? Do you know what items people will still buy regardless of the economic times? (top answer, women’s makeup).

   I know the answers to those questions because the financial rug was pulled out from under me during the Great Recession. I had unemployment insurance and Cobra medical insurance, a 401k to fall back on and savings account to draw from.

   And when it became obvious that my job skills had become obsolete and that no one would hire and train someone my age for a new profession, I had to set out and start my own. Today I work from home and with each passing day my business thrives and grows.

   If you want to know how I did it here’s the link to my other blog: