Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Apocalypse: the End of the World: and the Future of Employment.

   Because of the bizarre weather, many people feel the end days are upon us.

   I’m not buying it.

   Not that wholesale destruction, mass hysteria, starvation and nuclear devastation wouldn’t be fun to watch, but after that December 23, 2012 bitter disappointment, I’m not getting my hopes up.

   So let’s look at the other possibilities.

   I’m not going to get into whole climate change debate because I boor easily and have a short attention span. However, it’s clear the weather patterns are changing and we’ll need to change with them.

   I mentioned in a post some months ago that we should reconfigure most of our military into a rapid response teams that could be quickly deployed to areas under siege from Mother Nature. They would evacuate afflicted areas, clear roads, restore power, provide food, water, sanitary facilities, showers and washing machines.

   In addition, a system of high speed monorails would be built above the existing rail lines, so that needed supplies could be transported from any point in the country to another within hours. Why monorails? Because they travel 40-50 feet above ground and would likely not be affected by floods, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados, fires and in most cases earthquakes.

   That’s Genius!

   Yes, I know. But I have other matters to address. For example: What is the employment scene going to be like in these dark days ahead.

   Surprisingly, pretty damn good!

   Because weather patterns often continue for decades, sometimes centuries, employment is going to have to adapt too.

   So here’s how it will look.

   There will be no more ‘work hours’ no ‘daily commute’ because all business will be transacted on line. We’ll eat when we’re hungry, sleep when we’re tired and work when we want to make money.

   There will be no ‘Big Box’ stores because all products will be ordered on line from the ‘manufacturer’. No ‘factories’ because all products will be created by 3D printers. 
   All deliveries will be made by automated trucks with no need for a driver. They will operate like the driverless ‘Google car’ Here 's a link if you don't know what that is : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_driverless_car 

   They will be automatically loaded at the monorail yards. (*Note: The monorail trains themselves will transport commercial products when not needed for weather emergencies.

   As the autotruck approaches your house it will alert you by phone. When it arrives, it will use a mechanic arm to place your delivery on the sidewalk outside your house or apartment, where you will pick it up and carry it inside or, if too heavy, you’ll hire some locals to assist you.

   Overall, it should be pretty good, except of course for the horrifically deadly weather.

   Here’s why this scenario will happen.

   As a race we adapt to what works and more importantly, what’s easiest. Back in the old days, the rich were people with strong accounting skills and laser-focused attention to detail. They understood the mechanics of making money and for the most part had no intention of sharing that information.

   And so, we went from a society of individual farmers who grew their own product, sold it at market and reported to no one. We worked when necessary, dressed as we liked, ate when we wanted and slept when we were tired.

   Then the industrial revolution occurred and we were all taken prisoner. We traded our freedom for the money offered at factories. We became slaves to the time clock, to our overlord’s whims and demands.

   As the saying goes, ‘He who has the gold makes the rules.”

   And that, my friend, is going to change, because with the internet, it’s possible to work from home when you want, or even where you want. You can buy everything you need online and you can sell anything you want online. You can be your own boss and make as much money as you want, dress how you like, eat when you’re hungry and drink when you’re dry.

   Just like the good old days!

   The internet made it possible for us to remove our chains and tell those greedy ‘Robber Barons’ who pay minimum wage salaries, with no benefits, who nickel and dime us to death with, fees, charges, and claims of providing services that do not exist, to take a flying leap at a rolling donut.

   Can I get a hallelujah?

   And so, buddies lets gather round and sing one of those old ‘feel good’ songs!

   Altogether now, Happy days are here again, the skies above are clea…

   Well, perhaps that’s not the best choice seeing that in the days ahead, anytime you venture outside or stick your head out a window, you’re likely to be sucked into a whirling vortex, pelted by hail the size of softballs, swept away by raging waters, buried in mountains of mud, struck by lightning, fall into a sinkhole, cooked by wildfires, and ravished by air-borne flesh-eating bacteria.

   On the positive side however, the video games will be AWESOME!