Friday, July 26, 2013

How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller

Hello fellow bloglidites. I am in the process of wrapping up a book on Writing, Publishing and Marketing. 

   I wrote it because I noticed that a lot of my fellow authors were having trouble getting their books noticed and securing book deals. 

   So incorporating my experience as a writer, publisher and marketer I put together this book to share my knowledge of the industry and to give back to the many people who pointed me in the right direction and helped me along the way. 
   It will be especially helpful to new writers, writers considering self publishing and publishers who need to learn how to increase sales online. 
   I'm looking for some beta readers to post reviews on Amazon following its launch in a week or so. 
  It's a straight read, no filler and includes How to correctly upload a manuscript to Kindle, the 10 most common grammar mistakes writer's make. How to copyright your novel, how to create an audio book and book trailer. How to create professional looking book covers at low cost, and how to find specific keywords to get your book on Google's first page. Plus much more. 
     Only nine spots left so if you want a copy email me at and I'll send you a PDF. *Please Note-All material is copyrighted and may not be reprinted or forwarded to third parties.