Thursday, September 26, 2013

I Hate Rap Music and Here’s Why Part 2

   Here’s something strange. I usually received about 100 hits a day per blog post. It’s nice to know they find my writing interesting enough to stop by each day (or so) and give a look.


   But two days ago when I wrote a post titled I Hate Rap and Here’s Why, I received 460 hits and the next day received another 200!

   And strangely enough not one of them left a comment!

   I anticipated some lively rebuttals, some references to my obvious lack of intelligence, my apparent unhipness and lousy taste in music.

   Nope. Not a word. Not that I was looking for an argument.  It’s a fact that rap sells a lot of records (or whatever they’re called nowadays) and some rap stars have become astounding wealthy.

   What in blazes am I missing?!

   Admittedly I am a rock and roll fan. To be honest I’m not a fan of most other types of music. There are only a few classical songs that I like, have some folk favorites, loved Motown and could hold my own when it came to singing the blues but haven’t a clue what opera is all about. Don’t understand country music at all and new age is well…new age.

   But they are all music. I don’t think rap is. Not that I don’t find the unusual spacing between words intriguing and clever, but isn’t there supposed to be more?

   I don’t know. I do still like Lucas with the Lid off which you can listen to at the end of the previous post.

   But, when it comes to real music the first stop is always The Beatles. Although some of you Beatlephiles may have already heard this song, here is an original Lennon-McCartney composition performed by the Beatles that was never released on any commercial Beatle album. The title is ‘That Means a Lot’ and you can listen to it by clicking on the you tube link below. NOTE* IF FOR SOME REASON THE LINK DOESN'T WORK (there s been some trouble lately) GO TO YOUTUBE.COM AND TYPE IN: THAT MEANS A LOT THE BEATLES AND IT WILL TAKE YOU RIGHT TO IT.