Monday, September 23, 2013

I hate rap music. Here’s why.

   It’s been said that a new style of music appears every thirty-five years or so and replaces the current favorite the way rock and roll replaced swing music. I’m not bemoaning the fact. All things have their time and when their time is up it must move out of the way to make room for the new.

   And hopefully better.

   This was not the case for rap or hip-hop if you prefer. When it first came out I thought it was a fad like disco or punk.

   But it wasn’t. And I couldn’t understand its appeal. From what I could tell some rapper would place new lyrics on old rock favorites (Super freak, I’ll be watching you, Kashmir) and call it a new tune. Hell, Weird Al did that. Another problem was for the most part there was no use of the musical scale. They started with one particular chord, take E for example and stayed with it the entire song.

   How can that be called music?!

   Usually there are some acts that when the new music comes in, transcends the generations. For example my parents liked the Beatles, (my old man hated the Stones however, and would refer to their lead singer as that ‘dirty Mickey Jagger.) My mother was a big fan of the BeeGees.

   So you see it does usually work.

   But not with rap. And what makes things worse is that there isn’t any good rock and roll anymore. I’ll watch these new bands on SNL and frankly, they all SUCK! Nothing new, clever or inventive. Just a bunch of tattooed guys, who look like they’ve been yanked out of a dumpster, thrashing around like they’re being electrocuted. No interesting riffs, no clever chord changes, no complex harmonies, just yelling into a microphone.

   There have been a few exceptions like Kryptonite by 3 doors down and most of Effernecense’s [sic] stuff, but not much else.

   But like with all rules there is the rare exception. I discovered a rap tune that was inventive, clever, and was overall entertaining, and the singer quite likeable.

   Give it a listen and see if you feel the same. Here’s the link: