Monday, September 2, 2013

War with Syria Part 2

   As I said in part 1 of this blog post, I don’t like involving myself in politics. However, with the way things are going I think it’s absolutely necessary for all of us in the US to contact our congressional representatives and make it perfectly clear that if they vote FOR us getting involved in Syria, they will be voted out come election.

   Because I was unsure of my position, I began following the ‘COMMENTS’ section of news stories regarding our possible involvement in Syria. You should too. Because the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of comments made were against any involvement whatsoever.

   And they were damned adamant about it. Polls show that over 80% of the American people are against it. Yet the President seems determined to get us involved regardless of what the American people want.

   Therefore he has ‘decided’ to consult Congress for their input on this possible invasion. BUT, has made it clear that he has the authorization to invade with or without congressional approval.


   The 2014 election is right around the corner and both parties need BIG money backing to get reelected because of their approval rating is so poor (17%). The biggest of the big money is oil. Those running those industries want complete control of the world’s supply. Which means they want the US to take over all the oil producing countries in the middle east.

   Remember a few years ago all the talk about going into Iran because they were building weapons of mass destruction? Yet we didn’t do a damn thing about North Korea and they actually have nuclear weapons. Remember our involvement in Libya? Iraq’s Shock and Awe? Do you think Syria will be any different?

    Funny how it’s only the oil producing countries that require we take action.

   Even more ironic is that I mentioned this possibility before the Syria issue came up almost two weeks ago. Apparently congress is so corrupt they no longer see the need to conceal it. Read blog here:

   So here is how it’s going to play out. Obama will take his case to Congress and Congress will hold mighty meetings and elect powerful committees. Thunderous speeches will be made and accusations of cowardice will echo through the halls. Fingers will be pointed, filibusters will be held, those against will be labeled as traitors and the waters will be muddied to a point where we won’t know who said what.

   But in the end we will get involved in Syria because our congressmen and women know that if they don’t do what Big oil wants, then Big oil will throw a lot of money at their opponents campaigns and bury them at the polls. And so with the blame spread all around, and with no one in particular being held responsible, more young Americans will die.

   Unless you stop them.

   If you reading this blog go to Google right now, get the email addresses of your representatives and inform them that if they support US involvement in Syria, then you will vote for their opponent regardless of who they are or what party they belong to.

   If enough of us do it, they will have no choice than to vote against it.

   Do it now.