Monday, September 16, 2013

My (filled up) Bucket List

I had originally intended to write a blog post— not about the things I want to do before I die (which is the definition of a bucket list) but to thank all those people who I both know and do not know for all the joy they have given me throughout my days.

   As for an actual ‘bucket list’, I don’t have one. I have already accomplished all the things I ever wanted to do that was in my ability to accomplish.

   Sure there are still things I always wanted to do like jam with the Beatles or trade licks with Keith Richards or have Stephen King read one of my books but the Beatles are gone and it’s out of my hands whether Keith or Stephen would be interested.

   But the thing that has most influenced my life has been rock and roll. I can still remember when I was a kid in the Bronx and my parents taking me to an Ice cream pollar [sic]. Mom and Dad listened to the likes of Sinatra and Johnny Mathis and I therefore was convinced all music sucked.

   Then, while sitting at a booth, shoveling down my ice cream somebody put a coin into the jukebox and seconds later came the most life altering words I have ever heard. They were:

   A wop bop a lu bop a wop bam boom! Tutti Frutti!

   I thought I had been struck by lightning and had gone to heaven!  I asked about it and was told it was an old record, and belonged to something called race music.

   Well as a kid I had no idea what race music was, but was damn determined to ‘race’ to the record shop and get me some!

   And I did, (well my parent took me, I was too young to go by myself) and while there getting my copy the record guy put on Chuck Berry’s Johnny B. Goode! Holy crap! This incredible stuff was everywhere!

   And then weeks later, The Beatles showed up!

   I then decided I needed to master this stuff, because if I could I would always be happy!

   And speaking of mastering this stuff I came across a video of Chuck schooling Keith Richards on how to play the rock and roll classic ‘Carol” It’s fun to watch and easy to see why Keith was never big on schoolin’ but when the schoolin’s over the and boys begin to play there ain’t nothing better!