Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller

   In the next few days I’m going to be rolling out my latest novel, called How to Write, Publish and Market Your Novel into a Bestseller.

When I was starting out as a novelist I wasted so much time submitting manuscripts that didn’t have a chance of being accepted, I’m surprised I’m not a lot older than I actually am. Back in those days I didn’t know what I didn’t know and was pretty much stumbling around in the dark.

The How-To get published books of the time were apparently written by a team of accountants because they were dry as hell and read like calculus textbooks.
I could barely get though them without falling in to a coma. Then there was the other group where everyone waxed philosophical about the art of writing and how we were all modern day scribes who would change the face of mankind and how our words would someday make us immortal.

And I fell for that crap!


Whether you’re a new writer or one with experience, your writing career can probably use some help, and that, my friend is exactly why I wrote this book.

How many times in your life have you said, ‘If I only knew then what I know now?’ Or wish your future self would come back in time to warn you about the mistakes you are about to make so you could avoid them?

Well then, I want you to think of How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller as a gift from your future self.

Because everything you need to know on how to write a novel that agents and publishers want to read is in this book. It’s all the stuff I learned the hard way and after spending years working on projects that I had no idea were doomed from the start.

You’ll learn what common errors almost always get your manuscript rejected. We’ll tell you what the pros do that gets their books past the interns and straight to the decision makers AND the several other factors you’ve need to have set up before you submit your manuscript.

And these factors that are just as important at getting you a book deal as your book itself

Bottom line: When it comes to preparing your manuscript for submission we cover EVERYTHING!

Basic grammar errors most writers don’t realize they’re making.

How to write suspense, action/adventure, romance and where to place jump cuts.

We’ll warn you about specific plot contrivances that will almost always generate a rejection letter. And so much more.

Then once you’ve mastered how to submit a professional manuscript we’ll show you how to self publish it, should choose that option.

And we’ll start by showing exactly how to correctly format and upload your novel to Kindle, which is nearly impossible unless someone shows you how.

Then we’ll show you how to turn that book into an audio book to increase sales.

And then how to create a professional cover as good as those on the shelves at Barnes and Nobel.

But that’s still not all!

Once you know exactly how to publish your novel, we’ll teach you how to market it in such a way that the people who want to read your book will know exactly how and where to find it. Because whether you already know this or not, your book is not going anywhere unless you have a prepared marketing plan ready the minute your book hits the stands and we’ll show you how your title alone can get you a great ranking on Google.

But the most important thing you need to know about How to Write, Publish 
and Market your Novel into a Bestseller is this: 

It’s written in a style so that anyone, even someone who has never written a novel or short story before, can easily follow its step-by-step instructions and create a book as professional and as well crafted as any novel on the shelves today.

And if you’re thinking I’m doing this just for the money, don’t kid yourself. How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller will sell for less than $5.00 (US).

That’s right, you can download and you’ll learn all that I mentioned above and more for less than $5.00

Why am I doing this? Because I wished somebody else had written How to Write, Publish and Market your Novel into a Bestseller it when I was starting out and needed someone to point me in the right direction.

So keep checking this blog to find out when you can get your copy