Monday, August 5, 2013

FREE: Work from home tutorials

   There has always been a lot of chatter about online scams and rip-offs but rarely any word about the truly AMAZING offers available for FREE.

  Those who follow my blog know I’ve written a number of posts about the changing economy and why it’s so important for you, the middle class (or former middle class) worker to start your own business.

   Another thing that’s rarely mentioned are the many good and successful people who have made a fortune on the internet and who are now teaching others how to build a successful, (and very profitable) online business.

   One of those people is Eric Holmlund.

   I learned about Eric about six months ago when I was looking for a way to increase my publishing business' sales.  Some internet friends suggested I have a look at Eric and his two partners IM Tech 2.0 course (no longer available for purchase).

   So I did and immediately realized that this was something I had to have. Then two things happened. I was stunned at how affordable the product was and what really floored me was that the IM Tech 2.0 course came with PLR!

   For those unfamiliar with the jargon, PLR stands for ‘Private Licensing Rights’ which means not only do you get the product, YOU GET THE RIGHTS TO RESELL THE PRODUCT UNDER YOUR OWN NAME AND KEEP ALL THE PROFITS FROM THE SALES!

   And what’s even more amazing is that Eric and his partners only sell their products for 7-10 days. That’s it. Then they shut it down so you won’t be competing with them for sales of your version.

   A welcome addition to any of Eric’s and partners products is they come with a set of FREE video tutorials that provide step by step instruction on how to build a profitable online business.

   Each day I received a new tutorial that I watched while drinking my morning coffee.

   Honestly, I cannot BEGIN to tell you how valuable those tutorials were in helping me better market Ari Publishing's books and products and how impressed I was with Eric as a person.

   At first, I was concerned that the videos might be nothing more than an extended sales pitch for his products.

   They aren’t. In fact no mention is made of his products because, as stated earlier, he and his partners’ products are only available for 7-10 days.

   And now Eric is making those very same videos I received FOR FREE to whomever wants them.

   So if you’re seriously thinking of starting an online business, and the only thing stopping you is knowing how to go about doing it, then find out now by clicking HERE

   Once you tell him where to send it, you will receive approximately one video per day ABSOLUTELY FREE! No come-ons or product pitches or deal wrangling. Just step-by-step straightforward instruction that will show you EXACTLY how to create an online business and teach you all you’ll need to know to make it a success.

   Seriously, do it now. I have no idea how long Eric will keep this offer available (maybe only 7-10 days.)

   Remember it’s totally free and if you change your mind you can always scroll down to the bottom of any tutorial and unsubscribe. It's that easy.

   So don’t miss out. Opportunities like these don’t come often, so click HERE and learn from a successful professional how to start an online business and be your own boss.