Friday, August 30, 2013

War with Syria

    This may come a surprise to you but I have (on a rare occasion) been on the wrong side of an argument. So this is why I’m writing to find out if ANYONE thinks it’s a good idea for the United States to invade Syria.

   The US government has an enormous deficit, in the trillions if what I’ve been told is correct. In fact, there is a sequester in effect right now that is cutting social programs like food stamps for poor people because we are so broke.

   Understood. Sometimes we all have to pull together and tighten our belts. So where are we getting the money to invade Syria?


   Up until now I figured The President was doing the best he could under the circumstances and it does seem that the economy is improving, abet slowly. So why would any Commander-in-Chief, regardless of his political affiliation, decide to invade a foreign country that POSES NO THREAT TO US and risk bankrupting our nation.

   WHY!?? For some lofty belief that we’re the protectors of the weak and downtrodden? Of the oppressed and abused?

   If that were true than why aren’t we planning an invasion of North Korea? Oh that’s right. We did that already and it didn’t turn out as well as we anticipated. In fact, when was the last time we went to war and it turned out just as well as we anticipated?


   So why are those in authority talking about some minimum intervention when history has proven that never happens?

   I think I know why and I pray to God it isn’t true.

   I was very suspicious of our invasion of Iraq. Very Suspicious. It didn’t seem the least bit possible that they possessed weapons of mass destruction when in the first gulf war, their so-called super accurate scud missiles couldn’t hit a bull in the ass with a bass fiddle.

   But they had oil. And lots of it. And who would stand to benefit if Saddam was removed and we took charge of all those oil fields. I believe American oil companies would do very well should we be the only player in town.

   Now here’s the deal. China, Russia and India are rapidly industrializing and the need for oil in those countries is increasing exponentially. What’s more, they live in the area, and we’re half way around the world. Of the four of us, who is the smallest in size? That would be us.

   So how do we make sure we have enough oil for the next 50 years or so?

   Well, what if we took Assad out of the picture and took control of the oilfields (for their own good, of course) wouldn’t that solve that problem?

   Yes, it would, but here’s another problem. Russia, Chain and India don’t like the idea of us controlling all the mid-east oil. They might even step into the fray, I mean, they’re just around the corner and it wouldn’t require any major effort on their part. It would for us however and another over-extension of our military just might push us over the edge both financially and militarily.

   Take a moment to think about what might happen. Both Russia and China send troops in support of Assad, technically advanced troops with weaponry comparable to our own, with several million more men than we have.

   Besides I’m sure the Syrian people would welcome our brave troops with open arms.

   And IEDs and suicide bombers.

   So if oil companies are concerned about their interests in the middle east then THEY SHOULD HIRE PROFESSIONAL SOLDIERS TO PROTECT THEM. And not expect our young men to lay down their lives and endanger us all to protect the ill gotten gains of Robber Barons.