Monday, August 26, 2013

How to Write a Book, Publish and Market it

   When I decided to make writing my career I had no idea how to go about doing it. The ‘How-To’ books of the time were horribly dull, dry and out of date. So I ventured into the publishing world like a blindfolded man stumbling into an ass kicking contest.

   I quickly discovered there are predators everywhere. These BS vanity presses and print on demand outfits reach out to the aspiring writer with promises of instant success as well as fame and fortune as a BEST SELLING NOVELIST!

   My friends that is NOT how it works regardless of the telling and retelling of how this author or that author became a bestselling novelist with their first book.

   Do you know who really becomes a bestselling novelist with their first novel? People who have been writing for years and whose files are filled with rejection letters.

   And yes I was a member of that club.

   Back then, more than anything I wanted, no, needed a book that would walk me through the ins and outs of how to successfully get a book published. Since I did not know what I did not know, I didn’t know what to ask.

   But I know now. And this isn’t just for aspiring writers; this is for writers at every level who is having trouble getting their book into the hands of the reading public.

   And I’m going to tell you how to do it for FREE.

   But here’s the catch. It’s going to be FREE for only one day and one day only. Here’s why. When I was starting out I was broke and could have used a leg up from those who had made it through. But to be fair successful people are not prone to tell their secrets, at least not for free.

   However, if they are going to be told, guys who are broke like I was and need this info but can’t afford to buy it or pay for a college course, well for one day they can have it at no cost.

   However, if you find it helpful and can use the ideas and methods detailed within, I would appreciate a positive review on Amazon.

   That seems fair, right?

   Then after the one free day, it reverts to its regular price of $4.99 which believe me is pretty reasonable considering how much information is packed inside.

   So if you are interested, mark your calendars and copy this site link to Amazon to use this coming Thursday, August 29th where it will be free for 24 hours. Here’s the link:

AND if you don't have a KINDLE, Amazon provides a FREE reader so you can download and read any Kindle book here's the link: