Monday, August 19, 2013

A Call to Action: You Need to Act, America, to Protect this Country

    I don’t usually indulge in politics because I like to read and write funny or informational material and frankly politics is very dirty business.

   Never more so than now.

   Congress’s approval rating has sunk down to 17% the lowest in American history. Yet the majority of the men and women presently in Congress will be reelected unless we take action before the 2014 elections.

   Now why would a group of people who have done such an incredibly poor job as legislators be enthusiastically returned to office?

   Because they have learned to pit us against ourselves. They pepper us with ominous warnings that ‘the other side’ will destroy America if they aren’t immediately returned to office to protect you and your family from the horrific actions that ‘the other side’ will force upon this great nation.   

   Those are lies. The Tea party won’t destroy America nor will the Socialist party or the Right to lifers or the Green party or any other independent party. The reality is that no party is a bigger threat to your freedom than the Democratic and Republican parties.

   Why? Because they have been corrupted. Yes, both as parties and as individuals, every single one of them.

   “Oh not my Senator/Representitive!” you say. “Why only last week he raised $100,000 dollars for the children’s cancer hospital, or fought for a 25 cent raise in the minimum wage. Or called for an increase in the defense budget to protect us from the Islamic terrorists, North Korea and whoever they can prop up in an attempt to scare us.

   It is all smoke and mirrors, my friends. All carefully orchestrated to con you into thinking they’re your champions when in fact they are simply obeying the campaign financiers’ directives. Those are the people who are actually running this country right now. Do you think $100,000 means anything to them? Or a 25 cent minimum wage raise?

   Of course not. Not as long as they can use their agents in Congress to stop any attempt to raise their taxes, or close corporate tax loop-holes or enforce regulation of hazardous practices (Remember the BP oil spill in the Gulf, the Texas fertilizer plant explosion?)

   Common sense and compromise is the basis of what made this country great. Everything we’ve accomplished so far was because one party reached out to the other and they hammered out a jointly acceptable solution.

   The campaign finance directors of both parties have banned that practice. So we presently have a legislative branch that is stocked with agents fulfilling the directives of zealots, who refuse to compromise on any issue and insist that only their policies be recognized.

   The result? Deadlock. Congress has freely admitted that they simply can’t work together but could, if their party could get enough votes to completely shut down the other.

   They are asking us to destroy the two party system; the foundation of what this country was build on.

   What’s more they’re trying to convince us it’s for our benefit.

   Trust us, they say.

   Trust them?!! The overwhelming majority of those presently in office are lawyers. People trained to lie, misinform, manipulate the facts, muddy the waters and use whatever tactics necessary to win the case for their clients.

And regarding these esteemed members of Congress, who do you think their clients are? Who do you think they’re working for?

   It isn’t you.

   The elections of 2014 will likely be the most important in American history. It will be an opportunity for us, the American people, to take back our government from the campaign financiers and corporate money-men.


   We don’t need television to inform us on where the candidates stand on the issues. We have the internet and need only go to their website or watch their speeches on YouTube.

   That is why you should only vote for independent candidates.

   And don’t be concerned. Go ahead and vote for the Tea Party Candidate, or the Socialist Candidate, or the The Damn Rent’s Too High Candidate (that’s an actually party in New York) or the Green party or Reform party or Right to Life party, or whatever independent party is available in your area. Because if we do, the campaign financiers’ and money-men’s lackeys will no longer be in office and the people you do elect (regardless of how radical they seem) will have to become moderate and hammer out agreements that will benefits us all.

   And if you feel none of those independent parties’ candidates have the talent or ability to get done what needs to be done.

   Then maybe it’s time you stepped up to the plate.  

   That’s right, YOU. Mr. or Ms. Fellow American.

   If you are a respected member of your community, a doctor or scientist or teacher or craftsman or fireman or cop or office worker or whatever, and you would work as hard and as long as necessary to straighten out the mess created by our present legislative body, then I will vote for you.

   I don’t give a damn about your religion, background, color, sexual orientation, education, conservative or liberal or present day profession. If you are an honest, hard-working, reasonable, intelligent and open to working out a compromise that is the best interests of the American People you need to be in Congress.

   And for those of you who agree with what I’ve proposed here, forward this article to everyone one you know and ask them to forward it to everyone they know and maybe by the 2014 elections we can elect a congress that once again represents us and not special interests.