Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Step #10 How to Start an Internet Business w/etc. The Most Important Factor!

   Welcome back and I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. As promised, today I will be telling you the things you’ll need to have to become a success in affiliate marketing.

   And what are they?

   They are: Confidence, self assuredness, determination and positivity.

   One of the most successful affiliate marketing companies, The Empower Network, instructs their members start each day by reading (or listening to or watching) positive reinforcement books, CD’s and videos by self improvement gurus like Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar and Les Brown. They strongly believe a positive attitude to start the day, leads to positive results.

   One of the most successful affiliate marketers in the business, Vick Strziheus makes it clear in his mentoring sessions, that you CANNOT succeed if you maintain a negative attitude and has cut off contact and refunded money to students he felt were simply too negative minded and self defeating.

Zig Ziglar speaks about the importance of self confidence here: http://youtu.be/iikC8daibmg

   None of us is a stranger to failure. Thomas Edison, one of the great inventors of the last century readily accepted failure as part of the process. He once said, “I have not failed. I have simply found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” He also said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to succeeding when they gave up.”

   Booker T. Washington the renowned educator once said: “You cannot hold a man down without staying down with him.”

   And here’s a strange fact that almost proves the above statement. Most successful people absolutely believe that if you press hard enough, push long enough, are unrelenting in your drive, keep trying new ways to achieve success, and believe with all your heart that you will persevere…

   The universe (because it has other things to do) will stop fighting you, relent and let you have your way.

   I have been in the affiliate marketing biz for a few months now and have also noticed that those who are now very successful, but were on the verge of bankruptcy, were at the end of their rope and had experienced their world crumbling down around them when the universe finally relented and let them through…

   Are also the ones who are most generous with their time, talent and mentoring. This is not to say they aren’t trying to sell you something. They are! And there’s absolute nothing wrong with that.

   As I have said many times during this ‘How to Start and Internet Business w/, etc. series, everyone needs to create a business email address and use it to get information from various sources on the internet.

   I can honestly say I have used mine hundreds of times for various reasons and I have never once regretted it.

   Internet marketers are looking for customers just like any brick and mortar business like say, an Italian restaurant. They don’t have time to waste courting people who aren’t interested in their product anymore than an Italian restaurant would chase after customers who don’t like Italian food. (Good grief, who doesn’t like Italian food?)

   But, the advantages! I can honestly say that I enjoy opening my business email far more than my personal email. I get to try tons of products for free or with a 30 and sometimes 60 day no questions asked return policy. I have tried many of them and like any product you buy at a store, some were good, some were bad, (which I sent back with no problem) some were just okay (which I also sent back with no problem) and some were spectacular!

   I received a near college course on business marketing for free from the Empower Network, learned the bones of constructing websites for selling on facebook from get10000fans.com /  I got a great tutorial on how to boost my book sales on Kindle by downloading the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap. (Have a look on the right. Click on the image to see all it has to offer.

   I have also downloaded a tutorial on how to create and sell phone apps for smartphones. (I’m working on one now) plus how to create and sell wordpress minisites for amazon products at $250 a pop.

   And no spam!

   As I have said throughout this entire series, our future, the future of the middle class is not the two or three minimum wage jobs that corporations are offering to work us all to an early grave. It will be you and me, selling our products on the internet, easily competing with giants like Walmart and Target because we all get our products from the same place. Amazon proved it is the wave of the future. When people realized they could find a book they liked at Borders or Waldenbooks and could then purchase it for considerably less through Amazon, they did.

   Which is why there is no Borders or Waldenbooks anymore.

   So folks, the time has come to get in the game. And I because I readily give out my business email address to marketers whose products I find interesting, I have received numerous videos and e books on how to market just about anything AND make a good deal of money doing it. So if you’d like to see them, just type in your name and email in the box on the right to get my monthly newsletter. Or email me at czarrichards@gmail.com 

   The world is changing, my friend. The time to get on board is right now.