Thursday, May 30, 2013

WHY You Should Start an On Line Business

   Do you like having money? Having a roof over your head? Food on the table? Electricity?

   Sure you do. We ALL do.

   This is why you should start your own on line business. Will it be easy? Oh HELL no. When has making money ever been easy?

   But here’s the thing…

   It will be YOUR money. Not income dependent on an employer, or a pension, or government benefits. And think about this common scenario. Over the last few months sales at the company you work for have been down. Fellow employees are being laid off. You start checking the want ads just in case, but nobody is hiring.
Then the inevitable happens.  You get the ax.

   Dear God! What are you going to do? How will you be able to pay your mortgage? Your bills? Your utilities?

   You start to panic, then…

   Wait. You just remembered you have an on line business that you have developed over the last year and sales are steadily increasing. If fact, being unemployed may be a blessing in disguise. Because now you can devote yourself to your business full time which will only grow your business more!

   And when that days comes, (and in today’s economy, it very likely will) you will look back on the day when you decided to follow the advice from that world renowned super genius ZACKARY RICHARDS and went ahead and started your own on line business just… in… case.

   And when you took action, you discovered starting an on line business was much easier than you thought. That all you needed to get started was choosing a niche, which is a particular product or service you would enjoy telling people about. There are likely hundreds of thousands of people out there who are interested in the same things you are and would like to buy the same product you would buy once they became aware it existed.

   I’ll give you a perfect example. If you notice on the top right of this blog there is an ad for the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap.  Click on the image to see what the product offers.

   Basically, it’s a ‘How-To’ book and video tutorial that shows authors with books on Kindle, methods that when used, greatly increase awareness of, and generate interest in, your book(s)

   After I downloaded it I discovered that it provided a number of ways to get my book out before the buying public that I didn’t know existed. In addition, it included ways to tweak methods I already knew, that put my books in front of an entirely new audience. 

   Plus, since the author had my business email address, she was able to send me updates of the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap which got my books in front of even more readers.

   My point is I’m a writer and my niche is writing. And the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap helped my book sales. And because it helped my sales I decided, this was the perfect product to market myself. So I went to asked the author if I could market her product, she agreed and now we’re both making money from it.

   Since the product is very inexpensive, neither of us is making a fortune but that’s not the point. The point is to show how simply it can be done, and that you can do it too.

   Here is the process in a nutshell:

   Set up a business email address

   Choose you niche.

   Sign up for free at and (note* warrior requires a one-time $10 fee to start selling the products featured there ( it used to be free but idiots began joining and creating products that didn’t exist so they had to start charging a fee.)

   Both sites are top notch and have distinct advantages. Clickbank sells higher end products that you can make a lot of money from fast and Warrior forum features products ratings from experienced marketers so you know right of the bat if the product is worth your time and effort.

   Here’s a real testimonial about clickbank:

   Then you tell the world about it by blogging, or placing free ads on or writing an article about it on and a number of other ways I reveal in my newsletter (you should sign up on the above right. I won’t spam you but you will receive very useful info that can put your business growth on the fast track. )

   The most important thing I’ve learned about writing and being an author is that no matter what it is you do as a profession, you MUST make the world aware of your presence and that you have something to sell that’s worth buying.

   For you authors, here is a small booklet that will help generate more interest in your book(s) that’s not covered in the Kindle Bestseller Roadmap.

   And one other thing. One of the most important rules of gaining customer is to give them one of your products for free. This way if they like it, they will likely buy your other products.

   So on June 3, 2013 this coming Monday, my very popular short story collection STORYTIME will be a FREE download on KINDLE. It contains 23 gripping tales in action/adventure, sci-fi, romance, horror, comedy and paranormal. All reviews are 4-5 stars. Those who have read it love it and you will too. So mark your calendar and download your copy, you’ll be glad you did!