Thursday, May 16, 2013

Step #3 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and NO money

How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and NO money Step #3

   Welcome back. Yesterday, in step#2  I spoke about how to start an Internet Business with no product, no experience and no money. Today I’m going to show you.

   I know you’re doing this because you want to make money now, but don’t commit to anything yet. Let me show you around first. Remember what I said about paralysis by analysis, you get too excited and move too fast you’re going to waste time and lose money. You’re building a foundation and it’s best to first learn the game before playing

   Remember, selling these products DO NOT require you to call anyone, or try and sell your friends and relatives or generally become a pain-in-the-ass. This is a new way of doing business. Just follow these blogs each day and slowly but surely, you’ll get there.

   There are a number of companies that offer products to sell. First is They are the biggest when it comes to products. They have a number of tutorials and signing up is free but you will need that business email we spoke of yesterday so they can verify that you are a person not a spambot. So stop by, join and look around. Once you’re a member, go to the top toolbar and click on marketplace. On the left will be a red column listing of the types of products they sell. Click and look around, have some fun and get your feet wet.

   Down the road I will send you an hour and a half video tutorial on how to maximize Clickbank to make you lots of money. but you’re not ready for that yet. The best way is to start small, learn what works and what doesn’t, and slowly build a steady income. Then once you know what you’re doing, go to town!

   The biggest and most popular affiliate site is the  They used to be free to join but spambots started filling the site with fake ads and products so they presently charge something like 10 bucks for a lifetime membership. Once you sign up, you create a user name and that name gets you into where you can become an affiliate and sell the products they offer.

   The Warrior forum is an on line community, meaning you can watch how those who are more experienced get sales and what type of products are the most successful. Most sell for around $15 dollars and most people are willing to shell out that much for the products and information they want.

   Most of these products have a 50% commission but before you can sell, you must get the owner’s permission first. There is a link at the end of each product to get approval. (Keep in mind these products are their bread and butter and they can’t afford some online spammer giving them a bad reputation.)

   There is a tried and proven method for Warrior plus that can generate between $1500 to $3000 a month but you’ll need to learn a bit more before I pass that tutorial to you. Just follow along for the next few days.

   So, what is the most successful method for selling a product in today’s market?

   It’s not TV, radio or the internet. People fast forward through TV commercials, listen to commercial free radio and I’ve yet to meet anyone who stays on an internet commercial after the first 5 seconds are up. So what is it? It’s emails and blogs.

  Surprised? You shouldn’t be. The first thing most people do in the morning is check their emails then go on facebook. I mention my blog on Facebook everyday (you’re reading it now) I’ve had over 11,300 visitors to date over the last year, many of whom have purchased my novels. (Have a look on the right to see selection.) You’ll likely remember what you read here today, but how many TV, radio or internet commercials do you remember from yesterday? This is why you don’t need to make sales calls or bother relatives. You simply supply access to a product people want.

   Another great way is to write ads and articles linking to a product. Here’s how it works. When most people want something the first thing they do is go to and type in what it is they’re looking for. I spoke about this yesterday regarding “foreign coin collectables”. You type that in and Google sends you to the pages that best fit. If you have written a small article about foreign coin collectables with a link to foreign coin product and have used the best keywords (more on that as we go along) you’ll like get thousands of clicks and a number of sales.

   There are free ad and article sites that have hundreds of thousands of subscribers and are popular with Google. And you don’t have to be a good ad writer or article writer to make sales. Here is an excerpt from the how to article I’ll be emailing you later today.

Article writing basics
In the intro: Tell them what you are going to tell them in the article.
In the body: Tell them.
In the summary: Tell them what you told them.

   The author goes into greater detail in the article itself but It DOES basically boil down to just that.

   As mentioned yesterday I have an article written by one of the most successful internet marketers in history. It is considered the ‘Big Bang’ when it comes to selling online with no product, no experience and no money. It’s been around for years yet it continues to make a lot of money for people because it’s so simple and its only about 10 double spaced pages long! I'll be discussing this tomorrow at length and answering any questions you may have in the comment section. 

   To get your copy, put your name and email in the box below and send. I'll have an email with the link to you a few hours before I post Step#4