Monday, May 20, 2013

Step #5 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, NO experience and NO Money

   Okay it’s Monday and you’ve had most of the weekend to read and test drive the Marketing Method I sent you that proves you can start an Internet Business with no product, no experience and no money. If you're new or didn't get my email, sign up here to get on my list so I can send you the tutorials and info that you'll need to start making money on line. 

   This is not to say there aren’t pitfalls in affliate marketing. As mentioned in the Marketing Method, choosing your niche is very important. There is a fine line between picking something like weight loss or health tips which are very popular and something obscure, say for instance, Latvian basket weaving.

   The problem is weight loss products already have A Lot of affiliates plowing that field. Same goes for health tips so there’s too much competition for a newbie. On the other hand the number of people interested in Latvian basket weaving might be too small to generate a profitable niche.

   As mentioned in the article the best way to get ahead of the competition is to use laser targeted keywords to get your selected product on Google’s first page. Nearly all the top affiliate marketers swear that’s the fastest way to get your income stream flowing.

   So let’s review the steps so far.

   First you create a separate business email account. This is crucial if you’re taking this seriously. Without one, none of the free sites I will be directing you to will give you access and I won’t be able to forward you the video tutorials that explain the process. Also, keep in mind you can cancel access to your email by simply scrolling down to the bottom of the company’s ad or offer or whatever and click unsubscribe and you won’t hear from them again.

   Once that’s done, you sign up and get a free account at  then you go click on marketplace on the toolbar and start searching for a product you think will sell. Here’s a trick to tell what’s a potential top seller and what’s a dud. If you look under the product you’ll see its stats. Focus on the product’s GRAVITY. I have the location of that stat circled in red on the clickbank picture below. As you can see the gravity of this product is 183 which is very good. That means the product is selling well.

    Rule of thumb is anything over 50 shows real potential, but it also means a number of people are marketing it. So go with something you’d buy yourself. In fact you should consider buying whatever you intend to promote if you can, this way if it is as good as you think it is, you’ll gladly promote the hell out of it and make some money. And if it’s a bomb, then cut your losses and try something else.

   I suggest you start with inexpensive products first. Just to see what you feel comfortable promoting. Then when you start making some money, email me  at and I’ll send you a three part, nearly 5 hour tutorial by one of the very best affiliate marketers who will show you— step by step— exactly how to find and promote the products with the highest commissions and the greatest conversion rates (conversations is when a person views the product you’re promoting and decides to buy it.)
   Next step. You’ve found a product that you like and think will sell. Congratulations! The question is, how do you get it out before the buying public? Here’s a secret, whenever someone is looking for something, THEY USUALLY GO TO GOOGLE FIRST. Then they scan the first page. People rarely go on to the 2nd page so page one is where you want your product to be.

   But how do you get on page 1 of Google? The answer is laser targeted keywords.

   And what are keywords? Keywords are single words or phrases that people looking for something on the internet type in to find what they’re looking for. The one's I used are on the bottom of this page. On one of the previous steps I explained that by placing the word or phrase in quotations inside the google box, google will tell you how many searches have been made for that word or phrase.

   The goal is to get a low number but without becoming too obscure, which is where nobody will find your promo ad or article. So let’s use “exotic fish” as an example on Google. Search results, 842,000. Way too many. How about “rare and exotic fish” that drops it to 157,000. Better but still too high. “Rare exotic and predatory fish” brings us down to 127,000. So we still got a way to go. How about “Rare exotic and predatory fish in Los Angeles” You would think being more specific would lower the searches. Nope. Just the opposite, it jumped to 63 million! So always check them before you use them.

   So let’s try a mix with similar words. How about “exotic and unusual fish” BINGO, my friend. That drops the searches to 9,450 which almost guarantees a 1st page spot on Google if you put that phrase in the title of your ad or article. If you do, you’ll very likely get some conversions. Cha-ching!

   Next step. How do you make people aware of your product? One of the many ways is to write an ad or an article. Ads are especially easy and can be placed for free. Here is a FREE tutorial that walks you through the process.
Note* This tutorial is embedded on the article I sent you under How I used USAFREE ADS, so some of you may have already seen it.

     Tomorrow I'll show you other ways to make the public aware of your product so you should probably bookmark this blog. And if you haven't submitted your name and email address do it now so you can get the free tutorials. For example, Watch your business email because later today I will be emailing a video tutorial that explains EXACTLY how to get the BEST keywords that will drive customers to your product.