Friday, May 17, 2013

Step #4 How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and No Money

How to Start an Internet Business with NO Product, No Experience and No Money Step #4

By now all of you who submitted your name and newly generated email addresses should have received my email with the link to the marketing method that shows how to generate income from the internet. If you haven’t, email me at and I’ll shoot it right out to you.

   Or put in your name and email address here and click submit. This way you’ll be sure to get the instructional material I’ll refer to as we go on.

   As mentioned in my email, it’s best to print out one copy and save the electronic one to your file because of the many instructional videos embedded.

   As you can see there are a number of steps to follow and videos to watch. None of them are hard to learn or require any computer coding expertise. Which is why I was going to go over them with you on this blog post today, but I’ve already received a number of emails asking that I give them some time to ‘test drive’ the free marketing methods and take notes from the videos.

   This is clearly a good idea.

   As I mentioned in the earlier posts on this topic, it is very easy to get overwhelmed by how many money making opportunities there are. Especially with the economy being what it is. So instead of pressing forward, I’m going to ease up a bit and let you all look the article over, kick the tires and decide if affiliate marketing is something you’d like to get into.

   And if your retirement nest egg isn’t what you’d hoped it would be at this point, if your student loans are a never ending ball and chain, or if you’re working two and three jobs and barely making ends meet, then you should give this some serious consideration.

   This is the future and just like the techies who rose to the top of the food chain during the internet explosion, those who can do affiliate marketing are the one who will sought out by those who’s brick and mortar store begin floundering.

   And if you’re questioning whether there really are internet jobs out there I’ve attached a video below that outlines many of the opportunities available. Some are business opportunities, some are work at home jobs and some are similar to being an internet secretary. Here’s the LINK