Monday, May 13, 2013

Step #1 How to Start an Internet Business with No Product, No experience and No Money

   A friend of mine was laid off last Friday from a job he held for 11 years. He seems upbeat and confident that he’ll get another one in no time.

   He is 52 years old.

   And that is NOT good. He doesn’t participate in social media so he won’t see this but I read recently that the odds of securing a similar position with the same pay scale decreases by 10% for every year you’re over that half-century mark. Which means that my friend at age 52 is 20% less likely to be hired than a person under 50.

   He’ll be 53 in July. Then he will be 30% less likely. By age sixty he’ll be virtually unemployable.

   And there are A LOT of people under 50 looking for jobs.

   There are always exceptions to this rule. Specialists in various disciplines come to mind. Those in the corporate hierarchy probably need not be concerned, but the majority of us don’t fall into those categories. Most of us are simply people who work white or blue collar jobs that make a product or provide a service.

   So ask yourself. If your only source of income is from your present job, what will you do if, like my friend, you get laid off and are unable to get another full time job with a decent salary? I ask because your competition is rapidly approaching. Many of my adult children’s friends, just out of college with bachelor and Master degrees are seriously underemployed, underpaid and carrying substantial student loans.

   And they’re desperate for a real job, possess the latest technical skills, are physically able to put in long hours, nights and weekends and…


   I’m not saying this to depress or worry you but this is a reality that needs to be addressed and dealt with.

   The working world has changed. Age and experience, once valued, are now a hindrance. It views the experienced worker this way. They will soon have health issues, they aren’t as sharp, they resist change and have difficulty learning new complex business procedures. PLUS, they expect to be treated like a human being when in fact, they are NOTHING MORE THAN MEAT MACHINES, TO BE WORKED FOR AS HARD AND AS LONG AS NECESSARY AND WHEN THEY FALTER, BE DISCARDED AS QUICKLY AS ONE WOULD REPLACE A SLOW AND OBSOLETE COMPUTER.

   Listen, can you hear it?


   There’s room at the top they are telling you still, sings John Lennon on the song Working Class Hero. But first you must learn how to smile as you kill, if you want to be like the folks on the hill.

   During the last election the folks on the hill showed their true colors. They’re using their vast resources to get our elected officials to put an end to unions, pensions, businesses providing healthcare, Social Security and Medicare.

   But what if we turned the tables?

   What if these massive companies that are buying all this influence suddenly had millions of small business competitors? Small businesses that, unlike the ones these massive companies undercut and ran out of business, could compete by selling the same products at the same low price?  

   Well, that would change things, wouldn’t it?

   How would you like to have several sources of income streams that require your attention for only few hours a day?

   This is no get rich quick scheme. There are no phone calls involved, no sales pitch, no mailing things or contacting friends or relatives. However it IS an actual way to make an honest living which isn’t at all hard if you’re willing to listen, learn and do what is necessary to succeed. To do this, all you need is a computer and internet access.

   So this is what I’m going to do. Over the next few days on my DAILY BLOG (Click on the green box on the top right column for access) I am going to show you exactly how to create these sources of income and I will present several different methods because what one person wants may not work for everybody.

   Some of the better money makers may require you purchase certain software to run the program (don’t worry, none of it is over $29.95, some are between $2.99 and 10 bucks and many are completely free.

   Why I am doing this? It's because I’m starting to make some money doing exactly what I’ll be teaching you (not much so far but it's steadily increasing and it takes a while to grow a business) and since I was taught for free by several people whose only request was that I have a look at their product, it seems only fair to pass on this knowledge.

     So make a note to stop by tomorrow. Click on the green DAILY BLOG box after work (I’m usually ready by 5:00 pm EST.) and we’ll get started. Tell your friends and leave your credit card in your wallet or purse. I won’t be selling anything, just showing you what’s possible.